for pets with salmon oil (+ Vit. E)

CBD oil designed for pets. Unique formula of broad spectrum cannabinoids with salmon oil and Vitamin E for skin&coat support.

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CBD oil designed for pets. Unique formula of broad spectrum cannabinoids with salmon oil and Vitamin E for skin&coat support.


Highest level of health yours pets

Our pets are incredibly important parts of our family and at Hemp Evolution, we enjoy nothing more than providing our customers with a way to maximise the health of their beloved cats and dogs.


A little-known secret is the fact that when properly formulated, CBD oil for pets can be one of the most potent tools in an owner’s arsenal. Our CBD Oil for Pets with salmon oil extract isn’t just a healthy medicinal solution; it’s entirely natural and could benefit your pet both inside and out.

Nutrient rich

Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids (the best kind), salmon oil is a powerhouse of nutrition and health-enhancing properties. When consumed consistently, it can offer a wide range of advantages to a pet; from boosting their metabolic rate and assisting with energy levels, right through to improving the appearance of their fur and even helping with eyesight.

MORE ABOUT CBD oil for pets

Choosing pet-safe CBD right here

Choose Hemp Evolution today and provide the highest level of health to your cats and dogs.

We currently offer two types of CBD for pets; one aimed at cats and smaller dogs with 250mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil, and the other better suited for medium to large breeds of dog with 500mg broad-spectrum cannabidiol.
If you’re asking “is CBD oil safe for pets”, the answer is yes - especially when choosing from our range of expertly formulated products.
Physically, CBD for dogs and cats can help by promoting the renewal of hair and skin cells, whilst encouraging the growth of healthy cells and simultaneously ridding their organs of free-radicals and toxins. Furthermore, salmon oil for pets can also treat high cholesterol and even improves the way in which the immune system works - making this product ideal for fighting the signs of ageing and deterring the effects of cancerous cells.
There are emotional benefits to our CBD for cats and dogs too - namely in the ability for cannabidiol to help to calm nervous and skittish pets, providing them with peace of mind and a level of comfort that they simply won’t receive elsewhere.
As an added bonus, the combination of CBD with salmon oil can also help to soothe aching joints, reduce inflammation, eliminate the feeling of nausea, minimise pain and can even be used during cancer treatments in pets to negate certain symptoms.

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