Unique formula with CBD oil broad spectrum, curcumin and piperine that boosts your immune system.


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Unique formula with CBD oil broad spectrum, curcumin and piperine that boosts your immune system.


  • 500 mg CBD/10 ml guaranteed
  • 8,3 mg CBD per serving
  • 30 servings per bottle
  • THC free

Immune +

There’s no better tool in the fight against bacteria and illness than your immune system; in fact, scientific tests have demonstrated that this system is capable of repelling all manner of ailments, especially when in top-working order.
At Hemp Evolution, we understand more than most just how vital the health and well-being of our customers is – and that’s why we’re proud to present you with our Immune+ CBD Oil.


Formulated using the highest-grade nutritional components and blended with the natural antioxidant power of cannabidiol, this product can be an ideal way to boost your metabolism, encourage your immune system’s strength and maximise your vitality.


Boost your immune system with ease

Studies have proven beyond any doubt that CBD is immune suppressive , meaning that it can directly benefit and moderate any and all functions associated with apoptosis, cell degeneration and immune disorders , all whilst promoting the regulation of healthy cells.
With a beneficial 500mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil , and complemented by both curcumin and piperine, each 10ml product is a powerhouse of nutrition that could enhance your immune system and allow it to protect you to its fullest potential
Curcumin is a compound typically found within turmeric and has the potential to literally kill free-radicals within the body, including cancerous cells. Piperine on the other hand is a catalyst typically harnessed from pepper (specifically black pepper) and when absorbed by the body, it promotes the potential to receive higher volumes of curcumin within the blood.
As you might imagine, and when taken consistently, this influx of protective properties can expel even the most stubborn toxins from a person’s body, leaving them feeling revitalised, energetic and ready to take on the day ahead.


This particular combination of CBD oil for immune systems is especially good at fighting fatigue, repelling the signs of ageing, thwarting the attempts of toxins and free-radicals to spread throughout the body, and perhaps most importantly - maximising the functionality of your natural immunity.

Feel better
with Immune +

This product is not meant to cure any diseases or medical conditions in general. Consult a medical professional in special cases where a pre-medical condition, use of prescription drugs, pregnancy, and other related conditions are present.

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